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Ivan Ilić plays Morton Feldman Ivan Ilic


Music is the silence between the notes: Ivan Ilić plays Morton Feldman's sparse masterpiece "For Bunita Marcus".

Ivan Ilić's charisma separates him from the number of technically brilliant an increasingly intelligent interpreters of piano music in this young generation of music. The Paris-based US pianist with Yugoslavian roots, has not just shown his astonishing skills as a virtuoso pianist (for example, performing devilishly complex Chopin-transcriptions for the left hand) but also has revealed himself as a sensitive and expressive interpreter of the first degree. After albums with works from Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, Godovsky and finally Debussy, Ilić has remained true to his weakness for rarities on this production as well – Morton Feldman's "For Bunita Marcus" is a sparse, spare piece. Ilić approaches this cycle quietly and with care, while maintaining its internal tension and high concentration. Feldman's reduced sound language of recent years was created two years before his death in 1987 and animated by silence, as he once said himself "My music is inside the silence". Ilić gives the music in "For Bunita Marcus" – the notes as well as the spaces in between – the space they need to open up and unfold to their full potential, developing a hypnotising fascination in this barren, unique music.

Salvatore Pichireddu | Nov 17, 2015
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